Osborne To Evaluate Callahan

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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - Nebraska interim athletic director Tom
Osborne wants to quash speculation that he's already made a final
decision on coach Bill Callahan.
Osborne says today that he has not.
Osborne said he plans to schedule a meeting with Callahan and
the rest of the coaching staff for November 24th. That's the day
after Nebraska winds up the regular season at Colorado.
Osborne says he wants to make sure he's gotten input from all
concerned parties.
Speculation has swirled in recent days about whether Osborne has
decided on Callahan and whether Osborne has started searching for a
new coach.
Osborne says he's staying true to his intial plan of waiting
until the end of the regular season to evaluate Callahan. He adds,
quote, "I don't say one thing and do another."