THSBCA May Pitch Hit For Clemens Next Month

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HOUSTON -- The Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association is having second thoughts about letting Roger Clemens speak at the group's annual convention.

Allegations came up last week of steroids use by the seven-time
Cy Young Award winner.

Clemens attorney Rusty Hardin has denied that his client used
performance-enhancing drugs.

Association president Jim Long says the group plans an executive
meeting tomorrow to decide if Clemens will remain as one of the
presenters next month in Waco.

Clemens is scheduled to talk about pitching and "what he did on
a daily basis that kept him in shape" during his long career.

At 45, Clemens hasn't said whether he'll return next year to
pitch for the New York Yankees, Houston or anywhere else.

Clemens last week was named in a study on the illegal use of
steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in baseball.