Rocket Responds To Mitchell Report

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NEW YORK (AP) - Roger Clemens says he might be willing to take a
lie-detector test and was "shocked" close friend Andy Pettitte
used human growth hormone in his first interview since the Mitchell
Report. The seven-time Cy Young Award winner says he "probably"
will retire from baseball.
Sounding indignant and defiant during the nearly 14-minute
segment broadcast on CBS's "60 Minutes," Clemens appeared to set
up a confrontation with former personal trainer Brian McNamee in
front of Congress. Both are scheduled to testify under oath at a
January 16th hearing.
With a fiery look in his eyes, Clemens says he would have spoken
with baseball drug investigator George Mitchell had he been aware
McNamee accused him of using steroids and HGH. Clemens says the
cost of litigation had made him wary of filing a lawsuit against
McNamee, who also has threatened to sue his former boss.
Clemens admits getting shots from McNamee. But he insisted they
were vitamin B-12 and the painkiller lidocaine. In the full
14-minute broadcast, Clemens also says he was given an injection of
the painkiller toradol under the supervision of the New York