Quail Valley Country Club To Host The 2008 Texas State Disc Golf Championships

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MISSOURI CITY -- There will be more than one big golf championship in town this weekend. The 2008 Texas State DISC Golf Championships will be held Saturday and Sunday April 5-6 at Quail Valley Country Club in Missouri City. This prestigious event has been held annually as part of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) Tour since 1994. Three temporary disc golf championship courses have been set up on areas not currently being used for ball golf at the Country Club.

"Having a chance to meet and compete at this traditional golf facility, site of two PGA Golf events in the 1970's, is actually an historic event for our sport. Most of our events take place in public parks" says Tournament Director, Neal Dambra. "We truly appreciate the opportunity to play in this beautiful place."

Disc golf is played by the same etiquette, scoring, and basic rules as ball golf using a flying disc instead of a ball, and using the throwing arm instead of a club. Play ers carry around 15 discs during a round, which are designed to perform in differentways. Players choose the disc they will throw - drivers, midranges, putter - using a similar decision making process as
a golfer would use to choose a club. Distances are measured in feet, not yards, with average holes being 350 to 600 feet. Players hole-out by "putting" a disc into a device designed specifically to stop a disc in flight and settle it into a basket.

Nearly 200 participants, including four former World Disc Golf Champions, are registered to play in the event. The field will include Juniors, Seniors, Ams and "Pros" from around the state and country. Players from Minnesota, Arizona, Ohio and California are scheduled to join their fellow disc golfers from Texas for four rounds of competition over two days.

"Quail Valley is very excited about hosting the 2008 Texas State Disc Golf Championships. We are learning the many similarities between disc golf and the tradi t ional game. We believe this will end up much like skiers and snowboarders, enjoying similar but unique sports." said Tyson Stittleburg, QVCC PGA Club Professional.

Sunday afternoon, during the finals, the Country Club will have hospitality carts with refreshments available for purchase. The finishing holes, Sunday around 1:30 pm, will be exciting for spectators. On one particular hole, the top pros will need to make a decision to throw over a lake that requires a 400 foot flight to clear. Don't worry they can do it! Join us for something new and historic, and bring the kids...it's free!

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