A Knight's Tale of Leadership, Education

Basketball coaching icon Bob Knight joined CBS Sports' Jim Nantz and Billy Packer for a round ball discussion Wednesday night at the George Bush Presidential Library.

The 41st president introduced the panel for the discussion, calling Nantz an adopted member of the family, and touting Knight and Packer as the best at what they did.

The discussion delved not only into basketball, but topics of leadership and education.

Texas A&M's basketball teams were on hand and recognized for their efforts in the season, which included victories in their respective NCAA tournaments.

Men's coach Mark Turgeon said before the event that the discussion would hit on education, something near and dear to Knight's heart.

"It'll be important to hear that," the first year Aggie coach said. "I think our guys hear that from their families, but there's no question that be brought up today, and it's another big factor."

When asked about his philosophy when it comes to emparting the importance of education to his players, Knight said he made it simple.

""I've just told them in words that they can understand that if they don't go to class, they don't play. Period," Knight said. "That's all you need."

Knight said his greatest accomplishment in 42 years of coaching was that only four of his players ever finished their eligibilty without degrees.

"Bobby Knight is a throwback to the old days, and he does things the right way," said Aggie women's coach Gary Blair. "He teaches motion offense. He teaches kids to go to class. He graduates kids."

Packer, on his way with Nantz to San Antonio for the men's final four (Saturday, 5 p.m. on KBTX), said his trip this year to call a Texas A&M game at Reed Arena showed him that basketball is no longer a regional sport as it was when he played.

"You have nothing to worry about as far as saying, 'how do we compare with any place in the country,'" Packer told the crowd. "It's first class in every respect."

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