Steroids Dealer Who Claims Cowboys Ties Receives Probation

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SHERMAN -- A convicted steroids dealer was sentenced in federal court today, and told the judge that the drugs he sold ended up in the hands of NFL players.

35-year-old David Jacobs was sentenced to three years probation
and fined $25,000.

After the sentencing, he told reporters that he would not name
the players whom he says used the steroids he sold.

Jacobs pleaded guilty last year in federal court to conspiring
to possess with intent to distribute anabolic steroids. He's also
said he sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of
performance-enhancing drugs to former Dallas Cowboy Matt Lehr in
2006 and 2007. Lehr has also played for Tampa Bay and Atlanta.

Lehr's attorney has said the player hasn't used banned
substances since he was suspended for four games during the 2006
season while playing for Atlanta, and has since passed NFL drug
tests. The attorney has also said Jacobs' allegations are
retaliation because Lehr wouldn't pay Jacobs' legal fees.

Jacobs acknowledged that steroids can be harmful and said he is
willing to speak to high school students about the dangers of
steroid use.

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