McDougald Accepts Offer To Coach Iola; School Board to Vote

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"We're on go," says Roddy McDougald after an afternoon meeting with Iola Schools Superintendent Doug Devine. Coach McDougald says he has accepted an offer to coach the Bulldog football team next fall, the only question is will the school board approve the hire Monday night.

If the vote is yes, then McDougald will be the third head coach the Dogs will have had since Roddy's older brother Randy retired last May after 17 years on the job.

Roddy played high school football in Iola in the 70's and returned in 1993 to serve as the team's defensive coordinator under Randy McDougald.

Last summer Iola hired Rick Prater to replace the older McDougald, but Prater resigned last month after the only winless season in the 97 year history of program.

Devine's search to replace Prater didn't take long with the only finalist being Anderson-Shiro assistant principal and assistant baseball coach Robert Shiflett.

Shiflett's tenure in Iola was officially 8 days, but he quit one day after stepping foot in the field house because of an apparent snag in the hiring of an assistant coach.

Roddy applied to replace his brother last year, but was passed over for both Prater and Shiflett, now a year later he's the man for the job.

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