Rangers' Bradley, Washington Ejected

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- The Texas Rangers lost cleanup hitter Milton
Bradley and manager Ron Washington when they were ejected in one
heated minute tonight.

Bradley led off the second inning against Minnesota and thought
he drew ball four from the Twins' Nick Blackburn. Plate umpire Jeff
Nelson called strike three instead, and two batters later turned to
the Texas dugout and tossed Bradley from the game as he shouted and
pointed at his cap.

Washington then rushed out to yell at Nelson, and after several
seconds of nose-to-nose arguing the Rangers skipper was ejected,
too, for the first time this season.

This was the first ejection of the year for Bradley as well,
though the 30-year-old has a history of losing his temper.

Most famously, he chucked a plastic bottle at the feet of a fan
in the stands at Dodger Stadium in 2004 after it was thrown on the

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