Jones To Sack The Pacman Nickname

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FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) - No more Pacman?
That would be the preference of suspended Dallas Cowboys
cornerback Adam Jones, who's been known by the nickname throughout his life. He says he'd like to be called by his given name and make "Pacman" a thing of the past.
Jones says the nickname "Pacman" has "really just a lot of
negativity behind it." In his words, "It's just time for a
change, man. I'm doing everything to make sure that I'm all right
as a person, mentally and emotionally."
Jones missed all the 2007 season with the Tennessee Titans while
serving his NFL suspension that has not yet been completed lifted.
The Cowboys acquired Jones from the Titans for draft picks in
After speaking to about 60 kids at a basketball camp hosted by
Dallas Mavericks forward Brandon Bass yesterday, Jones expressed
his desire to drop his nickname. The kids at the camp called out
"Pacman Jones! Pacman Jones!" while he interacted with them after
he addressed them. But he signed autographs with his given name,
not the nickname given to him by his mother when he was an infant.
While he was on the practice field with the Cowboys the last
three weeks, Jones might have to wait until the week before Dallas'
September 7th opener to find out if commissioner Roger Goodell will
let him play during the regular season.

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