Rodriguez, Michigan To Pay WVU $4 Million

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MORGANTOWN, W.VA. -- Former West Virginia University football coach Rich Rodriguez and the University of Michigan have agreed to pay a 4-million-dollar buyout clause and settle a lawsuit that WVU filed after he broke his contract in December.

Rodriguez will pay $1.5 million in three annual payments
beginning January of 2010. The Michigan athletic department will
pay $2.5 million by the end of July and cover Rodriguez's legal

The WVU Board of Governors held a special meeting today and
approved the agreement, settling a case that was set to go to trial
this fall.

Rodriguez quit the Mountaineers in December for the head
coaching job at Michigan, only a year after extending his contract
with WVU. He had argued that WVU broke the contract first by
failing to honor certain promises. It's a charge denied by WVU.

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