Jets' Favre Says Arm Is 'Fatigued'

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HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- Brett Favre said his rocket right arm felt "fatigued" - but not sore - during a break from his fifth day of practice with the New York Jets.

"My arm's kind of dragging a little bit today," the
quarterback said Wednesday after the Jets' morning session. "It's
not really sore, but just fatigued. To be honest with you, I'm
surprised that, I don't want to say I feel good, that I've been
able to make it through every practice so far."

Favre was acquired from the Green Bay Packers last week, and has been practicing with the Jets since Saturday. He's set to start
Saturday's preseason game against the Washington Redskins.

"I didn't throw the ball that well this morning, underthrew
some throws," Favre said. "No pain, but I'm 38 years old. It's
going to be fatigued a little bit."

Jets coach Eric Mangini hadn't yet spoke to Favre when he met
with reporters before the afternoon workout.

"We only have two practices left before the game and we do
monitor that stuff," Mangini said. "You guys talked to him more
than I did, so I don't really know where he is with that."

Since his practice debut, Favre has been on the field for two
practices Sunday, one Monday and had a day of classroom work

"My arm, for the most part, has felt great," he said. "Legs,
a little bit fatigued. You've got to figure I'm a little bit behind
some of these guys. I'm a little bit surprised that, up to this
point, I've been doing OK."

Favre, who took his second penalty lap - which was again cheered
- since joining the Jets, ended the morning session on a good note.
The three-time league MVP hit Brad Smith on a fourth-down play for
53 yards - about 45 in the air - down the right sideline for a

"Believe me, this system's not easy," Favre said. "I'm not
going to sit here and tell you I've got it down. I've got about
just enough plays down to run those plays Saturday. How it turns
out, I have no idea. I hope it turns out well."

So do the Jets, of course, who sent a conditional draft pick to
Green Bay for Favre and then cut franchise favorite Chad

"We've had a few false starts and I've had to run a couple of
laps, no big deal," he said. "No one wants to see that. You want
it to run like it should, and I think, for the most part, we've
done that. Now, they haven't thrown everything at me, but I could
go into a game and I think I could manage a game OK."

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