Mayde Creek vs Brenham

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Brenham lost 16 starters off last year's district championship team.

But the kids from creamery country can flat out run and they hope that speed will get 'em over the hump against Mayde Creek.

Late in the 2nd quarter, Mayde Creek qb Vaugn Miller rolls to his right and fires the ball into the endzone and Brady Atkinson's hands. The score knots the game at 7, causing a little bit of worry.

But that speed the cubs are banking on comes through. Qb Kendrell Washington zig zags through the line before being stopped and ruled down, no fumble.

But the cub's can't make into 7, they have to have Tanner Schmidt's legwork for 3 to go up 10 -7.

The cubs lose 17 -10

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