Snook vs. Brazos Christian

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Brazos Christian hosting it's first home football game at Eagle Stadium and former NFL referee Red Cashion on hand for the coin toss.

Eagles battling Snook in the Jays first varsity football action, so it was history on both sides of the field.

The Eagle's Chad Milburn 60 plus on this touchdown gallop. For a 7 to nothing lead, and I bet if you ask Boyd Brigman, he'll tell ya that was as good play calling despite Chad's all sate talents.

Brazos Christian adds to its advantage later in the opening stanza. Jaxton McNair follows his blockers and never stops moving his legs. He's credited with a 10 yard touchdown run as BCS goes up now 20 to nothing.

In the second quarter, capitalizing off of a Snook fumble, the Eagles Ben Brown scoops and scores. "Double B" showing off some of that Brown family speed. Brazos Christian calls off the dogs and post a 30 to nothing win.

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