Burton v Somerville

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Any fans of horror flicks will tell you, you don't want to be "down by the lake" on Halloween. But Burton and Somerville have no choice.

Somerville hosting Burton and the Yeguas behind the arm and legs of Cody Holiday are on the move early. Holiday is about as dangerous running the football as he is throwing it. On the keeper this time and number 9 will take it 59 yards on the touchdown gallop. But there was a clip on the play and it comes back.That would be as close as the home team would get to scoring.

Burton will find the endzone later in the first quarter Quarterback Bobby Mathis on the 5 yard run and an 8 to nothing lead.

Later in the first it's Daniel Patterson he'll find an opening and take it to the house for a 60 yard run. We always tell the photographers to follow him to the bus and that's what we mean.

In the 2nd quarter its another Patterson showing the speed. This time Brandon with a cut back and stiff arm to find plenty of room to roam, 59 yards on this touchdown gallop. And it is all Burton for Certain.

Panthers go onto win it 42 to nothing and keep their district title hopes alive heading into the Shiner game next week. Next week Burton has Shiner at home and Somerville plays at Louise.

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