Rudder v Madisonville

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It's the end of the line as Rudder meets the slasher. The Rangers wrap up their first season against a force of nature so powerful a broken bone in his hand is little more than a badge of honor.

Chris Whaley and his supporting cast run rough-shod over Rudder.

First possession of the 3rd quarter, Whaley takes the handoff...and he's gone. The defender catches up with him but he hits the pylon, and it's good for six.

In the same frame and the next mustang possession Whaley does it again. He takes the pitch and ends up with the same result. He scoots all the way down the side line untouched for the Mustang score.

And Madison handles the Rangers, 48 - 30.

Next week Madisonville takes on Navasota.

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