McCoy Can Throw And Carry A Tune

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- It turns out Texas Longhorns' quarterback Colt McCoy has a pretty good voice to go along with that super accurate right arm of his.

When he was younger, McCoy used to occasionally perform with The McCoy Family Singers, a Gospel a cappella group founded by his

Not that he likes to talk about being a crooner, nor was he
willing to sing a tune for reporters at the Fiesta Bowl upon
request yesterday.

McCoy says he's a tenor and started singing with the family
group as a child when they performed at churches, weddings and
other events.

His grandmother -- Jan McCoy -- writes some of the songs the
group sings.

She says her grandson is on one of the family's 11 albums,
singing "Jesus Loves Me" with a group of children -- recorded
when he was 5-years-old.

McCoy said he still sings in church, but hasn't joined the
family group for an event since he started college.

He was a little red-faced by the revelation of his singing voice
and took some good-natured ribbing from teammates after his

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