Stoops Receives $3 Million Bonus From Oklahoma

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NORMAN, OK -- Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is $3 million richer as of today.

A clause in Stoops' contract provides for the 48-year-old coach
to receive a so-called "stay bonus" of $3 million after
completing 10 seasons as the Sooners' head coach. Stoops was
scheduled to receive the bonus if he remained at OU through 2008,
which ended yesterday.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of Stoops' contract through
an open-records request.

Stoops' 2008 guaranteed annual income was $2.775 million. Along
with the $3 million bonus, Stoops also would receive $250,000 if
No. 2 OU beats No. 1 Florida in the Bowl Championship Series title
game on Jan. 8 in Miami.

Stoops already has earned performance bonuses this season
totaling $335,000. That means Stoops is already set to receive
$6.11 million for this season, with more possible if the Sooners
beat Florida.

He also could receive another performance bonus ranging from
$40,000 to $100,000 if the Sooners' team graduation rate is 65
percent or higher.

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