20 Years Later, Jones Rules Cowboys Strong As Ever

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ARLINGTON -- Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary since Arkansas oilman Jerry Jones took over the Dallas Cowboys.

Three Super Bowl titles later -- only the stakes have changed.

The Associated Press reports Jones restored the Cowboys to glory
faster than anyone expected in the early 1990s.

Jones also improved the way business is done throughout the NFL,
greasing the skids by helping negotiate roughly $25 billion in TV

The best part for Jones is that the $160 million he pulled
together to launch all this has now moved one decimal point to the
right - the club being worth $1.6 billion.

That's according to Forbes magazine.

The Cowboys were the NFC's top team in the 2007 season, then
flopped in the playoffs.

They took a bigger plunge in 2008, going from 3-0 and living up
to their hype as a Super Bowl contender to missing the playoffs.

The latest news is that coach Wade Phillips is under a gag

Jones recently decreed himself the lone voice of the

As this 20-year anniversary approached, Jones was far more
interested in looking forward than back. Yet last week he gave a
few thoughts about the road he's been down.

Jones says it's beyond anything he could've ever imagined to be
a part of the Cowboys and the NFL and sports for 20 years.

He says, quote: "I wouldn't trade anything for any part of it"
and he feels fortunate.

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