Football Coaches Ask NCAA To Delay Decision On Text Message Ban

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- Some college football coaches think the NCAA should find a middle ground on a proposed text messaging ban.

Grant Teaff -- executive director of the American Football
Coaches Association -- said today he had sent a letter appealing to
the N-C-double-A's board of directors to consider a more moderate
approach -- rather than adopting the management council's proposal
to eliminate all forms of electronic communication between coaches
and recruits.

If the board passes the measure Thursday, it would take effect
in August.

Teaff believes more debate would create a better solution.

Unlike restrictions on phone calls and in-person visits, there
are no coach limits on text messaging. E-mails and faxes would be
exempt from the new ban but would be limited by current
N-C-double-A-A guidelines.