Landis Goes On Defensive

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NEW YORK CITY, NY -- Tour de France winner Floyd Landis told the CBS Early Show today that he questions the objectivity of the French
laboratory that conducted follow-up tests on his backup urine
samples. A French newspaper reported yesterday on its web site that
the results of the "B" samples were positive for a banned
substance. Landis says it's just another example of unethical
maneuvers designed to strip him of the title.

Following the 17th stage of the Tour de France last year, Landis
tested positive for elevated testosterone levels. He continues to
deny any doping and faces an arbitration hearing next month.

Landis and his attorneys contend the most recent test results
were leaked by the U-S Anti Doping Agency or the French lab. The
news of his positive test during the race last year, which was
conducted at the same French lab, was leaked as well.