Rocket Returns To Bronx Bombers

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NEW YORK (AP) - Roger Clemens went on the public address system
at Yankee Stadium after the seventh-inning stretch of today's game
against Seattle and announced that he's returning to New York.
The seven-time Cy Young award winner tells the Yankee-owned YES
Network that he's been throwing to a lot of minor leaguers and
thinks he'll be ready to face big league hitters by June first,
maybe sooner.
He's hoping to help shore up a battered pitching staff that has
several members rehabbing various injuries.
The 44-year-old Clemens pitched for the Yanks from 1999 through
the 2003 campaign, after which he decided to retire.
He changed his mind and signed with the Houston Astros in 2004
and played for his hometown club the last three years.