Mavs Likely To Be Spectators At Draft

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DALLAS (AP) - That have no first-round picks in tomorrow's draft
-- and no realistic way to get an immediate impact player.
So this looks like a futures draft for the Dallas Mavericks.
The Mavs certainly wouldn't mind finding some additional help
for league M-V-P Dirk Nowitzki and Josh Howard -- but that's not something they have to get in the draft. That can come through a trade or free agency -- although the salary cap is a problem.
This is a team that -- despite their quick exit in the first
round of the playoffs in early May -- won 67 regular-season games.
Plus, Dallas went to the N-B-A Finals only two seasons ago.
Team president and general manager Donnie Nelson says the
organization's emphasis and priority is to build on and add to
what's already been accomplished.
Unless they do some dealing before tomorrow night, the Mavs
won't draft until 34th overall. And they wouldn't even be that high
if not for the February deal that sent veteran guard Anthony
Johnson to Atlanta.