Spurs Snag Splitter In Draft

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NEW YORK -- The San Antonio Spurs have added another
foreign-born player to their roster, taking Brazilian Tiago Splitter with the 28th pick in the N-B-A draft.
Splitter entered the draft after four seasons in the Spanish
A-C-B and Euroleagues. He averaged eleven points and five-point-six
rebounds last season while dominating underneath at times. He shot
59 percent in A-C-B last year, which was slightly below his career
Splitter posted similar numbers the previous season, averaging
ten-point-three points and five-point-four rebounds.
The six-eleven Splitter has solid post footwork and runs the
court well for his size. He has a soft touch around the basket but
is not a prolific scorer. He's an above-average rebounder and needs
to improve his upper body strength to emerge as a solid contributor
in the N-B-A.