AIA Ends Cup Play With Loss

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TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Athletes in Action concluded play in the 2007 William R. Jones Cup with a 91-74 loss to Iran on Tuesday.

The U.S. tied for third place with a 5-4 record. Jordan won the championship with a 7-2 mark.

³It¹s hard to come [meet with the media] after your team lost,² Coach Mike Jarvis said. ³But it¹s not as difficult when you know that you¹re team played hard and tried its best and our team did that.²

Clemson¹s Cliff Hammonds led AIA with 20 points, while UNC Wilmington¹s Todd Hendley added 18 points. Texas A&M¹s Donald Sloan scored two points with three assists.

Iran made a blazing 14-of-28 (50 percent) from three-point range, while AIA connected on just 9-of-29 (34 percent).