Billups Re-Ups

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DETROIT (AP) - Chauncey Billups will be staying with the team he
helped lead to five straight N-B-A conference finals. The veteran
point guard has signed a five-year, 60-(m) million-dollar deal with
the Detroit Pistons.
The contract is worth 46 (m) million guaranteed over four years
and includes a team option for the fifth year.
It appears to be a win-win deal for both sides. Even though the
All-Star playmaker was one of the N-B-A's top free agents this
summer, other teams didn't seem to be willing or able to compete
with Detroit's offer.
Billups was the N-B-A finals M-V-P three years ago, when Detroit
beat the Los Angeles Lakers with Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant.
And he nearly led Detroit to a title the next year.