Big Money Available In The Big Apple

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) - The men's and women's singles
champions will earn a record one-point-four (m) million dollars
apiece at this year's U-S Open, where the total prize money will
top 19 (m) million dollars for the first time.
The overall payout of 19-point-six (m) million is one (m)
million more than in 2006. It represents the largest single-year
jump in the tournament's history, according to the U-S Tennis
The paycheck for last year's singles champions was one-point-two
(m) million dollars.
The total prize money could eventually top 22 (m) million,
because the top three men and women in this summer's U-S Open
Series will receive bonuses: one (m) million dollars for first
place, up to 500-thousand for second and up to 250-grand for third.
The year's final Grand Slam event is scheduled to get under way
in New York on August 27th.