Steroid Testing Group Says Risk Of False Positives Is Low

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AUSTIN (AP) - The head of a drug-testing group today said the
risk for Texas high school athletes testing positive for steroids
-- from store-bought diet supplements -- is low.
Frank Uryasz is head of the National Center for Drug Free Sport.
A 2005 federal law classified "pro-hormones" or steroid
precursors as controlled substances, essentially banning them from
diet supplements sold over the counter.
Uryasz told The Associated Press that the greater risk is for
athletes who buy products over the Internet or on the street, with
the risk much higher that those items will have steroids.
The new Texas high school steroids testing program was signed
into law last month, with plans to begin sometime this fall.
A positive test for steroids mandates a 30-day suspension from
play on the first offense.
As for some dates:
-- Contractors have until July 27th to bid for the two-year, six
(M) million dollar program run by the University Interscholastic
-- Public high schools start football practice August sixth,
with the first games on August 30th.
-- The first volleyball matches are August 13th.