Coach Jones Cuts A Rug

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IRVING, Texas (AP) - Have you seen the commercial featuring
Jerry Jones breakdancing? The Dallas Cowboys have, and they're
having a lot of fun razzing the team owner about it.
Terrell Owens says "I guess that destroys the myth that white
people can't dance. "
And coach wade Phillips had this to say: "I haven't seen him do
that before - and I hope I don't see him do it again."
The 30-second commercial opens with Jones in the locker room
giving the team a harsh lecture against dancing in the end zone.
But he's interrupted by a pizza delivery for him. Jones turns,
smiles and starts shimmying to the music, his limbs seemingly
turning to jelly. He looks even more limber than he did a few years
ago when he did backflips in another commercial.
Alas, Jones admits to having used a body double in both ads. He
notes that the head and shoulders are really his in the new one,
which was shown often during the local broadcast of the Cowboys'
preseason opener Thursday night.