Players Popping Pills At The 40 Acres

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AUSTIN (AP) - About 20 Longhorn players pop a little white pill
before they strap on their helmets for practice on hot Texas days.
The miniature mechanical tool helps monitor players -- to avoid
heat stroke.
Each pill contains a battery, a communication coil, a circuit
board and a quartz crystal.
A hand-held monitor placed next to the player's midsection reads
vibrations from the crystal -- translating to a digital temperature
Coach Mack Brown says it's about making it safer for the kids in
the heat.
The technology was initially developed for NASA in the 1980s to
monitor body temperatures of astronauts.
Players who take the pills are selected based on their history
with heat stress, body mass index and other medical factors.
The pills cost $30 each. They exit the body naturally.
The FDA requires the pills to be discarded after one use.