Brad Johnson Lightens Up Cowboys' Huddle

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IRVING, Texas (AP) - At 38, Brad Johnson offers a deadpan
response when asked about the generation gap between himself and
Dallas Cowboys starter Tony Romo.
Romo is already a Pro Bowl quarterback -- without even starting
a full season.
Johnson calls himself a "very young guy" -- whose 16th NFL
season will be as Romo's backup.
Johnson then starts talking about Warren Moon, his teammate for
three seasons in the mid-1990s with the Minnesota Vikings and a
nine-time Pro Bowler last selected at age 41.
Johnson won a Super Bowl as Tampa Bay's starter in 2002.
He already has a well-earned reputation with the Cowboys of
keeping things light. It's also clear he has no doubts in his
ability and is ready to play in Dallas.
The Cowboys gave Johnson a three-year free agent contract.
Tight end Jason Witten says Johnson is probably one of the most
underrated guys.