Sic 'Em Phil

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DALLAS (AP) - The last time Texas Tech visited SMU, the game
ended with a lecture about end-of-game etiquette.
Mustangs coach Phil Bennett was perturbed that the Red Raiders
ran two plays in the closing seconds, including a pass into the end
When time expired, Bennett let Tech coach Mike Leach know how he felt and there was plenty of pushing and shoving among players as
the teams left the field.
Leach and Bennett settled their differences before his team even
left the stadium back in 2004. The teams face each other again in
Dallas tomorrow.
Hopes are high that this is the year as SMU has a returning
quarterback for the first time in Bennett's tenure; better yet,
Justin Willis also might be the most-polished quarterback the
Ponies have had in years.
And SMU could be catching Tech at just the right time.
While the Red Raiders also have a rare returning starter at
quarterback in Graham Harrell, they're breaking in a new receiving
corps and have to replace most of their best defensive players from
last year.