Romo To Witten Combo Keeps Cowboy Fans Content

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IRVING, Texas (AP) - Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo and Jason Witten
have taken different paths to becoming Pro Bowl players.
Witten was an All-SEC tight end from Tennessee who became a
rookie starter in 2003.
Back then, Romo was still the unknown rookie quarterback from a
lower division-school.
Now Romo, the dimple-faced single guy, has the celebrity status
as quarterback of America's Team and is also a fixture in gossip
Witten is the popular yet down-home player with a wife and a
young son.
But together on the field, the fifth-year players are quite a
Romo says he doubts if he'll ever be as close to a teammate
again in his career.
Witten had five of his six catches in the first half of the
season opening victory against the New York Giants.
The Cowboys on Sunday visit Miami.