Texans Face Carr, Panthers

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - The Carolina Panthers haven't been 2-0
since their Super Bowl season. The Houston Texans haven't opened
2-0 since -- uh -- ever.
Which team gets off to that quick start when they meet tomorrow
may depend on a guy who, barring injury, won't step on the field.
Who needs a video camera for spying when you have somebody who
knows the opposing team's offense inside and out, like Panthers
backup quarterback David Carr?
He spent five seasons as the Texans' first starting quarterback,
suffering through 56 losses and 249 sacks. He started every game
last season under new coach Gary Kubiak and knows the system unlike
any opponent Houston will face this season.
Carr says of the Panthers coaching staff -- "If they ask the
right question, I will tell them the right answer."
The Texans looked much different last Sunday than the team that
had a .300 winning percentage under Carr. His replacement, Matt
Schaub, ran an efficient offense and threw for 225 yards, including
a 77-yard touchdown pass to Andre Johnson.
Shifty running back Ahman Green rushed for 73 yards, and power
back Ron Dayne added 33 yards as Houston cruised past Kansas City
20-3 for its first win in Week 1 since 2003.
Kubiak may have to show some wrinkles to cross up Carr's singing
to the Panthers' coaching staff.