Buffalo's Everett Continues To Show Improvement

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HOUSTON -- Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett has made significant strides in his recovery from a life-threatening spinal cord injury.

Doctors in Houston say Everett lifted his right arm for the
first time Sunday -- one day after sitting up in bed for four

Everett couldn't sit up for longer than 90 minutes before he was
moved to Memorial Hermann Hospital from a Buffalo hospital on

The Port Arthur native was injured making a tackle during
Buffalo's season opener against Denver on September 9th.

Doctors initially said there was little chance that Everett
would walk again.

But that prognosis was revised after Everett showed quick
progress in the days after the injury.

Everett suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury, meaning there
was preservation of some sensation and movement below the injury.

Everett lives in Houston during the off-season.