A&M Consolidated Girls Reach McDonald's Invitational Championship

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After two days of nail-biters, buzzer beaters, and aggressive basketball, 52 teams have been funneled down into the championship games for the McDonald’s All-Star Basketball Invitational presented by the Bryan-College Station Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The Division 1 bracket will feature one team with home-court advantage and another team ranked in the top 10 in the state for the “Gold” championship game. A&M Consolidated will square off against 10th ranked 5A Cedar Ridge in the title game, scheduled for 11 a.m. at the A&M Consolidated High School gym. Consol got past former district rival Copperas Cove 48-45 in the semifinals Friday night. Both teams come in off a strong tourney, with Cedar Ridge winning its games by an average of 36 points and A&M Consolidated winning its matchups by an average of 20 per game.

The Division 2 bracket will pit two ranked teams in the “Gold” championship game, which is set for 12:30 p.m. Saturday at the College Station High School gym. Fairfield, which is ranked 10th in 3A, will face off against the single-A top-ranked Martin’s Mill. It will be Fairfield’s second time in the “Division 2” championship game, as they lost the 2012 game to Mexia 43-19.

The “Silver” bracket – which is comprised of teams that lost in the second round of the “Gold” bracket – will feature a few ranked teams as well. 23rd ranked 4A Montgomery will match up against Burleson
Centennial in the Division 1 bracket, while 9th ranked 2A Grandview will face off against China Spring in the Division 2 bracket.

And though the “Bronze” bracket has teams that were ousted in the first rounds of the “Gold” bracket, the competition will be no less fierce for the final trophy. Wheatley entered the tournament as one of the favorites and is ranked 8th in the 4A; however a double-overtime loss to Bryan sent them to the “Bronze” division. Wheatley has rebounded, rolling into that title game for Division 1, facing off against Conroe.

In the Division 2 “Bronze” title game, 10th ranked 2A Paradise has fought its way to face Brentwood.

The general public is able to attend the championship games for $5 for a day pass, which can be used at either of the two gyms for entrance into any of the games. Student and senior tickets are available for a discounted rate of $3.

“Gold Bracket” (no losses) – Division 1 (4A/5A)
Third Round
Harker Heights 48
Kingwood 39

Cedar Ridge 81
Ft Bend Travis 43

Seven Lakes 38
A&M Consolidated 57

Copperas Cove 55
WB Ray 50

“Gold Bracket” (no losses) – Division 1 (4A/5A)
Fourth Round

Harker Heights 40
Cedar Ridge 81

A&M Consolidated 48
Copperas Cove 45

“Silver Bracket” (loss in second round of “Gold”) – Division 1 (4A/5A)
First Round

Bryan 44
Montgomery 59

Plugerville Connally 39
Bellaire 53

Franklin 69
Oakridge 48

Hardin Jefferson 33
Burleson Centennial 52

“Silver Bracket” (loss in second round of “Gold”) – Division 1 (4A/5A)
Second Round

Montgomery 64
Bellaire 46

Franklin 57
Burleson Centennial 59

“Bronze Bracket” (loss in first round of “Gold”) – Division 1 (4A/5A)
Second Round

Wheatley 53
Lufkin 48

Rudder 26
Cleburne 55

Conroe 55
Shoemaker 46

Richmond Foster 21
Socorro 41

“Bronze Bracket” (loss in first round of “Gold”) – Division 1 (4A/5A)
Third Round

Wheatley 38
Cleburne 60

Conroe 49
Socorro 38

“Consolation Bracket” – (two losses) Division 1 (4A/5A)

Westfield 34
LaPorte 43

Pasadena Sam Rayburn 31
El Paso Thomas Jefferson 36

Austin Fort Bend 69
Magnolia West 36

Pasadena Memorial 37
Victoria East 35

“Gold Bracket” – Gold Consolation (lost in quarterfinals) – Division 1 (4A/5A)

Kingwood 55
Ft Bend Travis 39

Seven Lakes 52
WB Ray 25
“Gold Bracket” (no losses) – Division 2 (A-3A)
Third Round

Stafford 44
Maypearl 48

Mt Vernon 30
Martins Mill 49

Fairfield 43
Triple A Academy 42

Glen Rose 40
Hamshire 26

“Gold Bracket” (no losses) – Division 2 (A-3A)
Fourth Round

Maypearl 19
Martins Mill 43

Fairfield 40
Glen Rose 12

“Silver Bracket” (loss in second round of “Gold”) – Division 2 (A-3A)
First Round

College Station High 32
Grandview 45

Hudson 57
China Springs 69

“Bronze Bracket” (loss in first round of “Gold”) – Division 2 (A-3A)
Second Round

Centerville 33
Needville 50

Brentwood 52
Wortham 49

“Bronze Bracket” (loss in first round of “Gold”) – Division 2 (A-3A)
Third Round

Brentwood 52
Zavalla 40

Needville 28
Paradise 48

“Consolation Bracket” – (two losses) Division 2 (A-3A)

Big Sandy 38

Iola 61
Lexington 38

Ivanhoe Sam Rayburn 29
East Chambers 46

“Gold Bracket” – Gold Consolation (lost in quarterfinals) – Division 2 (A-3A)
First Round

Stafford 24
Triple A Academy 38

Mt Vernon 44
Hamshire 47

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