A&M Receiver McNeal Thrilled His September Prediction of Johnny Winning Heisman Came True

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BRYAN, TX -- Aggieland is still a buzz over Johnny Manziel winning the Heisman Trophy. Many point to the Alabama win as the game that propelled him to claim College Football's ultimate prize.

But the first person that KBTX Sports ran into that predicted that Johnny was Heisman material was A&M wide receiver Kenric McNeal.

He didn't just tell a buddy or team-mate, but said on camera in late September that Johnny was capable of winning the Heisman.

The following is an excerpt from a sportscast that ran on October 1, 2012.

"Manziel's numbers so far have been impressive," said KBTX Sports Director Darryl Bruffett in the story. In fact before the Arkansas game wide receiver Kenric McNeal paid number 2 praise bestowed only on the number 1 player in the country."

"Johnny Manziel is a great player.," said McNeal. "You know he puts up numbers that are, crazy. Honestly he puts up Heisman numbers. I think he should be considered for the running Heisman Trophy winner."

Darryl added, "Remember this was what Kenric said last week leading into the Arkansas game. It may be a good thing that 'Johnny Football' isn't being touted as a Heisman Trophy candidate yet. A year ago nobody was talking about Robert Griffin the 3rd and we know how that finished up for him last season. The kid is certainly exciting to watch."

Fast forward just over 2 months and Johnny is the 78Th recipient of the Heisman Trophy and Kenric - while he's not bragging today was certainly proud his prediction came true.

"You know I've been playing football for 16 years now since I was five years old," said Kenric on December 14, 2012. "I've never came across somebody who could play the game like Johnny Football. So you know I called it and luckily I was right this time."

Kenric says that Johnny hasn't changed a bit since winning the Heisman and he's looking forward to playing with Johnny one last time in the Cotton Bowl on January 4th against Oklahoma.

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