Bombers Cut Down the Acadiana Cane Cutters

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The Bombers got off to a slow start in the first inning with zero hits or runs; however, they blazed through the second inning with Cody Lovejoy bringing in the first run and he was quickly followed by Mason Randolph. The third inning was quiet with both teams only having one hit.

The Bombers dominated the fourth inning with two hits and another run from Mason Randolph, but the Acadiana Cane Cutters struggled to match the Bombers performance. The Bombers intensity seemed to dwindle in the fifth inning with zero hits or runs and the opposing team took advantage of this by scoring. In the sixth inning, the pitchers were successful in not letting the opposing team get a hit, but in the seventh inning the Bombers Blake Kasetsky advanced to first.

Parker Ray continually held off the opposing team by not allowing them to get a hit. The Bombers did not get a hit in the eighth inning, but in the ninth inning Mason Randolph once again scored for the Bombers ending the game 4-2.
The pitchers dominated the mound with Ray Parker having seven strikeouts and Shay Maltese closing the game with two strikeouts

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