Former Heisman Winner Desmond Howard Speaks Out on Manziel

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MIAMI -- Former Heisman winner Desmond Howard gets a chance to tell football fans his opinion every Saturday on ESPN's College Gameday, but today at a football camp in Miami Howard spoke out about Johnny Manziel.

Howard had some advice for Manziel, "You know I would tell Johnny to just, you know, it is hard to tell a kid not to be himself but at the same time understand the responsiblities that come with being a Heisman Trophy winner. I don't think he fully has been able to grasp that concept of the responsibility that comes along with it. He is like I won this award but I still want to be who I am."

Howard also said, "I think the best thing for Johnny right now is camp is around the corner. If he can just dial it back a little bit and stay low key until camp comes then I think he'll be okay."

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