Houston Astrodome Sale Features Turf, Lockers

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HOUSTON (AP) - Thousands of people are vying for the chance to take home a piece of the iconic, aging Houston Astrodome.

A "yard sale" and auction got underway Saturday morning for anyone wanting to buy a memento from the stadium once dubbed the "eighth wonder of the world." The sale is being held at the Reliant Center, adjacent to the now-closed Astrodome.

The line was hundreds of people long, twisting through the convention center and out the door.

Some items were being sold at a fixed price. Larger items, including autographed lockers and dugout benches, will be auctioned off.

Marcos Escobar bought four squares of AstroTurf for $20 apiece and two pairs of seats - each pair cost $200. He recalled fond memories of watching baseball and football there with his dad.

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