KBTX Goes One On One With Texas A&M's New Athletic Director

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COLLEGE STATION, TX -- We continue our coverage of this historic day as Texas A&M makes the move to the Southeastern Conference by welcoming in new Aggie athletic director Eric Hyman. Eric it's a huge day, what do think this moment means for Texas A&M now that they're in the SEC?

Obviously I think it's going to be phenomenal. I think this will be a springboard that Aggies will look back for years and this will be one of the most momentous days in the history of not only the athletic program but the university. SEC is just phenomenal, spectacular. There's a lot of wonderful things that are going on at the university and it's a chance to be able to springboard that and get that message out to all nooks and cranny's around the country. There's a lot of great messages that can come out of here at this university and the athletic department, the football program, will come.

During your press conference yesterday one of the things that seemed to stand out was the passion when you talked about the SEC that you have. It's very obvious how much you love this league. Is there anything else like it in the country and can you imagine being anywhere else?

I think a lot of peope will argue with me but I've been in a lot of conferences. Unfortunately in my history, at TCU I was in four conferences. But there's none like it, and the think I say is that people can talk about how good their conference is but the actions of the SEC speak louder than anyone can say. And if you look back at the success that football's had, the baseball, the women's basketball, the men's basketball, we don't take a backseat to anybody and really that was a huge issue in South Carolina because what ended up happening was the SEC seperated themselves from the ACC and that was a huge recruiting bonanza for South Carolina and the schools on the eastern part. I think you might see some of that here and I think that Texas A&M is really in a good position because really when you go to a young person and you talk like a football player and you want to talk about to be the best you gotta play the best and if you want to be in the best league the SEC is the best league. I some other school argues about it then just show them the track record. I think that's exciting, I think that's will be exciting for a large cross-section of Aggies.

If you put College Station and Columbia, South Carolina aside and you told Aggie fans to go to one sporting event in one SEC town what would you tell them?

Well quite frankly what I said to them when Texas A&M came into the league or the finality of Texas A&M coming into the league, I said to our fans about a year ago, I said if there's one place you need to go before it's all over with is to go to a football game at Kyle Field. There's really a lot of "no places like it" in the SEC. If you go to Tennessee, if you go to Florida, if you go to Alabama, if you go to South Carolina, if you go to Georgia, but Kyle Field does not take a back step to anybody.

Now that the school is in the SEC what will you do between now and September 8th when the first SEC competition will take place?

As I mentioned in the press conference yesterday I do have some responsibilites at South Carolina. The right thing to do is to bring it to closure and so I've got some time I need to make ends meet and into the latter part of July and I hope to take some time off. I need to get my batteries charged. Sometime in the second week of August I'll start up. My first three months, and this is the way I've done it at every insitiution I've been is get a lay of the land. Ultimatley when it's all said and done, the athletic department as we progress, it's going to be our athletic department. It's not mine. It's not a coaches. It's ours. What we want to try and do is be a cross representation for the entire people in the athletic department as we want to move forward.

This has been a huge day and I know you've been busy, we appreciate you taking the time to visit with us.

We appreicate you getting away from your golf game.

I appreciate that. To your and your family welcome to Aggieland. The putter still doesn't work, if you've got any tips on that I would appreciate it.

We will continue our coverage of Texas A&M's move to the Southeastern Conference. Coming up after this time out Darryl Bruffett will go one on one with fomer Texas A&M head football coach Jackie Sherrill. Stay with us.

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