Sumlin Stands By Decision To "Shield" Freshman From Media Distractions

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BRYAN, TX -- Texas A&M Head Football Coach Kevin Sumlin has always kept freshman off limits to the media and that didn't change this season despite the success that red-shirt freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel had.

Last week he talked about "shielding" the eventual Heisman Trophy winner from media and keeping the country for learning more about "Johnny Football" until regular season was over.

Sumlin was ask if this season's freshman success might cause him to change his approach.

"I know I got beat up on it, but looking back on it I would still do the same thing," said Sumlin.

"And unfortunately next year I will do the same thing to whomever that is going to be."

Sumlin felt like it kept Johnny Manziel focused on what he had to do as a first year player guiding the Aggies in their first season in the SEC.

Thursday the Aggies will return from their Christmas break and practice for the next couple of days in College Station before moving their workouts to the metroplex on Saturday to begin their on-site workouts for the January 4th Cotton Bowl vs Oklahoma.

KBTX Sports will begin its team coverage with John Wilson and Cody Coil from the metroplex on Saturday.

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