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Craft Cocktails Tuesday


Grand Stafford Theater. 106 S Main St. Bryan, TX 77803
The Bar at Grand Stafford Theater

Mixing beings at 4:30 each Tuesday and continues throughout the evening. Fine cocktails craft by Mixologist Cody Schilling with his handmade mixers, fresh produce and premium liquors.

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Push Play by Jennifer Christy


SEAD Gallery. 216 W 26th St. Bryan, TX 77803
For our avid followers it might not be news to you that SEAD Gallery will be welcoming a new artist to its walls in February. If it is news to you, know that it is good news. We are ecstatic to fill our walls with the richly colored, vibrant works of local artist, Jennifer Christy.

The first thing you realize when stepping into her studio is that this is Jennifer’s world; there is color on virtually every surface, from her in progress canvases to the shelves that hold her supplies. A peg-board holds her impressive collection of brushes, paints, sponges, paint knives, and virtually everything else a painter could ever want. Standing in her studio, which seems to be dripping with Jennifer’ creative energy, it is difficult to imagine her any other way, but according to the artist “Push Play” was birthed out of a “creative drought” of sorts.

After pouring her entirety into being a mom of two, Jennifer, found herself desperate for a creative outlet, but lacking inspiration. She spent the better part of a year struggling to find the spark that used to ignite her work. Her method of willing herself into being creative was not producing good results. Near her wits end, she decided to take a dramatically different approach to her work.

She began to ask herself “what would happen if I went up to the canvas and just started painting with NO expectations?” As soon as she tried this method she knew she was onto something. As her brush worked across the canvas she began to see shapes and patterns form effortlessly. They grew out of her being – almost as if an extension of her mood or spiritual disposition. She felt possessed by a new energy. She had found the spark again. What Jennifer later realized is that the “spark” she had rediscovered was the element of play, hence the title of her collection, “Push Play.”

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Brazos Valley Tennis Association USTA Spring Adult League

See Summary

Register for the revamped USTA Adult League. Captains must contact Gerry Logan (Gerry@brazosvalleytennis.org) or 662-296-0173 to get a team number and be able
to register online.
$30/player and includes dri-fit shirt, tennis balls and league matches. 12 players each team.
And join Us for BVTA / USTA Tennis Nights!
Thursday, February 27th from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Pebble Creek Country Club.
Thursday, March 13th from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Bryan High School.
Food provided while supplies last. Don’t miss your chance to Q&A with USTA Adult League Coordinator Gerry Logan.
Register for the USTA on-site...Expand your tennis network!
Gerry Logan - USTA Adult Coordinator
(662) 296-0173

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Brazos Valley Tennis Association Reveilleague Registration

All Day

Register for the Spring 2014 BVTA Reveilleague Adult Tennis League. Expand your tennis network!

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