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Zeale w/GOBI & Lance Lane

Event Dates and Times

8 PM
Grand Stafford Theater. 106 S Main St. Bryan, TX 77803
Tickets $8 advance/$10 at door

ZEALE is an emerging Hip-Hop/Indie artist from Austin, Texas. Often playing chemistry with the genres of Hip Hop, Indie Rock, and EDM, ZEALE seeks to create a hybrid of music with depth.

The story of GOBI begins in west Texas, in the far border town of El Paso, where Justin Dillon and Phil Arciniega first met. The two would venture across the border every weekend spending countless nights dancing in the clubs and Discotecas on “The Strip” in Ciudad Juarez. There the thriving grooves and uptempo beats would take them on many sleepless nights and instill an unstoppable curiosity and desire to create electronic dance music. GOBI’s hybrid of EDM mixed with lyrically driven hooks, has been compared to “RATATAT fronted by Zack De la Rocha”, and has gained GOBI the reputation for turning any room into a dance party.

Lance Lane is a songwriter/mc/instrumentalist residing in Austin, TX.

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