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Unity Theatre presents "Deathtrap"

Event Dates and Times

5/22/2014 - 6/8/2014
Unity Theatre, Downtown Brenham
Sidney Bruhl, a successful writer of Broadway thrillers, is struggling to overcome a "dry" spell which has resulted in a string of failures and a shortage of funds. A possible break in his fortunes occurs when he receives a script from a student in the seminar he has been conducting at a nearby collegeā€”a thriller which Sidney recognizes immediately as a potential Broadway hit. Sidney's plan, which he devises with his wife's help, is to offer collaboration to the student, an idea which the younger man quickly accepts. The suspense mounts steadily as the plot begins to twist and turn until the final, startling moments of the play. Performances Thu 7:30pm, Fri & Sat 8:00pm, Sun 4:00pm. Call the box office for ticket prices and reservations. Unity Theatre, 300 Church St., Downtown Brenham.
979-830-8358, www.unitybrenham.org