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Brain Chase Summer Learning Challenge

Event Dates and Times

6/19/2014 - 7/18/2014
This online program is available anywhere you have an internet connection!
Brain Chase is a six-week online Summer Learning Challenge for students in grades 2-8.

The Challenge is disguised as a massive global treasure hunt for a real golden trophy – the Globe of Magellan – which has been buried somewhere on planet earth. Inside the Globe is a key to a safe deposit box holding a $10,000 scholarship. The first participant who can pinpoint the treasure’s location on our online map (within a two-mile radius) will be flown with a parent to claim the treasure.
Clues to the treasure’s whereabouts are scattered throughout 12 episodes of an original animated story about three adventurers out to solve a mystery of their own. And to unlock each episode and find the hidden clues, participants will be required to complete weekly reading, writing, and math challenges using best-in-class online resources like Khan Academy and myOn. They’ll also need to conquer six bonus challenges along the way, including an online scavenger hunt at the virtual Smithsonian and an orienteering course using a compass that we send in the mail. Students can complete the personalized Challenge when and where they like, and can move entirely at their own pace.
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