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Aggirland Pregnancy Outreach's First Annual Great American Pull-Ups Challenge

Event Dates and Times

1 PM - 4 PM
Spence Park (Right behind University Center Parking Garage on A&M Campus)
We are proud to announce Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach’s First Annual Great Pull-Up Challenge!! APO is a local non-profit organization that strives to help young women with their unwanted or unexpected pregnancy, promotes adoption as a loving alternative to abortion, and serves as an adoption agency. To help support this organization we have organized The Great American Pull-Up Challenge. This is a pull up competition where all proceeds go directly to APO. To enter, bring a package of diapers or pull-ups or $15 (credit cards accepted). It is at the pull-up bars in Spence Park, right behind University Center Parking Garage on Saturday, November 16th from 1-4pm. First prize in both girls and boys division wins a FREE IPAD!!! There are also prizes for second and third place in each division. So come out, do some pull-ups, have the chance to win amazing prizes, and, most importantly, help support an amazing local organization!
Marissa Bunce