Bryan residents worried to go near street due to speeding drivers

Published: Jun. 19, 2020 at 4:03 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Residents on Congo Street in Bryan are worried about speeding drivers on their street. The City of Bryan has a program to help this issue, but the road has to pass a traffic study first.

The speed limit on Congo Street in Bryan is 30 miles per hour, but residents say several times a day they have seen drivers traveling at what they say are extreme speeds.

“I have three grandkids and they play and ride bicycles and stuff and we don’t let them near the street because we know it’s dangerous with these speeding vehicles,” said Theresa and Carlton Paldo. “They are just going extremely fast.”

The City of Bryan runs a program to manage traffic in the city called the Local Area Traffic Management program (LATM).

Officials say it helps them determine which streets need traffic control devices like speed humps, speed tables, speed cushions, roundabouts, median islands, chicanes and bulb outs, according to The City of Bryan.

“This is all about, do I have a lot of speeders in the neighborhood,” said Paul Kaspar, City Engineer for the City of Bryan. “And then do you want the city to check for that? And if it looks like that, then we can document that there are indeed speeders in the neighborhood, then we can see if you want to go through with some improvements to the roadway.”

To get improvements a road must meet certain requirements.

The city studied traffic on Congo Street last week, and found the traffic flow didn’t require any change.

According to The City of Bryan, the road can’t be tested again for another two years, which is something Bryan City Council Member, Prentiss Madison, wants to change.

“We are going to have staff look into it, see if they can get around the policy, and council can do something about it more quickly than us having to wait another two years out before having to do the testing again, said Madison.

In the meantime, if you have a problem with your road, Madison suggests contacting your city councilman.

For more information on LATM, click here.

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