Protesters gather in Somerville for police reform

Published: Jun. 27, 2020 at 9:25 PM CDT
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Dozens gathered in Somerville Saturday afternoon to protest police brutality that’s recently been seen in our country.

Protesters gathered along Highway 36.They want policing around the country to change after the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and other incidents. Protesters chanted things like,”Black Lives Matter” and “All lives Matter”. Drivers going by also showed their support.

”But we’re here together peacefully protesting and that’s what we wanted to let the world to see that it can be done peacefully. And we don’t have to tear up anything. We don’t have to destroy anything. Do it in peace and we prayed over it before we started and I think that’s key. Keep God first,” said Michelle Jerkins, a member of Voices For The Cause and Somerville resident.

Meanwhile there was a smaller counter-protest just down the street at Somerville P.D. Several residents gathered there to show their support for law enforcement. Participants told us they also were well received.

”Hopefully they can, they can find a common ground. We can find a common ground and we can get by this because there’s a lot bigger issues than this in my opinion,” said Travis Roth, a police supporter and Somerville resident.

Two weeks ago protesters gathered in Somerville and were met by an armed group of citizens who were legally carrying. On Saturday, law enforcement in Burleson County told us there were not any confrontations like that.

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