Muggy, breezy, hazy end to June

Don't expect Tuesday to be overly comfortable to step out to
Texas Forecast | June 30th
Texas Forecast | June 30th(KBTX)
Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 9:09 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -

Monday was not an overly comfortable day to walk out the door to. Tuesday will likely fit right in those shoes, too.

Starting with the sky: expect another generally overcast day across the Brazos Valley. A developing tropical system in the Pacific, off the west coast of Mexico, is having some of its mid and high-level cloud cover stripped off and spread over the country and into Texas. That mixed with the blow-off tops of storms out west that did not have the gusto to survive past sunset Monday -- expect the sun to be muddled at best.

That skyline will be overly hazy once again. Just as one plume of Saharan dust scattered out of our sky, the next round is blowing in out of the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday. The increasing haze will lead to a murky, gray skyline by end of the day, at the latest.

Saharan Dust Forecast June 30 - July 3
Saharan Dust Forecast June 30 - July 3(KBTX)

Afternoon highs are expected to run right around average for the tail end of June. Mid 90s should grace Brazos Valley thermometers mid-to-late afternoon. Being the tail end of June, you expect humidity to come with that...and we will have a fair share. Heat index -- what it feels like -- values are expected in the low 90s by mid-morning, near 100° by midday, and between 101° and 104° by mid-to-late afternoon.

Forecast Highs & Heat Index  | June 30th
Forecast Highs & Heat Index | June 30th(KBTX)


As for the wind, it will continue to blow unusually strong for late-June. A sustained 10-20mph wind turns on by 9am -- at the latest -- with gusts 25 to 30mph throughout the day. High pressure over the eastern Gulf of Mexico and a low pressure system digging south over the West Coast will help to funnel this wind through the Brazos Valley until Thursday when the fan slowly starts to turn off.

All-in-all, the back half of June has run below average for what we expect in this part of Texas. Daily, scattered rain and overcast skies helped to hold the past seven days “cooler” than your typical late June afternoons -- significantly in many cases last week.

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