June by the numbers in the Brazos Valley

An extremely dry start followed by an abnormally "cool" finish
Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 9:28 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -

June started off as an extremely dry month, registering only 0.04″ of rain officially in the first 15 days. Then timely rain fell in and around the area through the back half of the month, staving off drought concerns and bringing “cooler” than average temperatures.

Once history looks back on June 2020 it will be remembered as...average.

When it came to temperatures, June brought more above-average afternoon than below ones. However, those below-average days were significant enough to balance out the thermometer for the month nicely.

In the end, June 2020 finished with an average temperature -- highs and lows considered -- of 82.3°. The past 30 years of weather tell us our temperature at the end of a standard June should check-in at 82.2°.

As for rainfall, it was a dismal start to the month. The first 15 days were lining up more with the third driest June ever on record -- a June that occurred back in the gritty Dust Bowl days of the mid-1930s. Then the back half of the month came around and the Gulf of Mexico helped out a bit. In the end, the month fell short of the typical rainfall average by two inches. Not the greatest outcome, considering this is the second-highest rainfall yielding month for the Brazos Valley; but that rain came in a timely fashion to help keep vegetation and lawns stress-free and green heading into July.

Here is a look at June by the numbers:

  • Average Temperature: 82.3°
  • Number of Days Above Average: 15
  • Number of Days Below Average: 9
  • Number of Average Days: 6
  • Temperatures Anomaly for the Month: 0.1°
  • Streak of “Above-Average” Months: 2
  • Rainfall for the Month: 2.45″
  • Rainfall in the first 15 Days of the Month: 0.04″
  • Rainfall in the last 15 Days of the Month: 2.41″
  • Wettest Day this Month: 0.95″ - Saturday, June 20th
  • Highest One-Day-Rainfall in the area: 9.50″ - Tuesday, June 23rd
  • Hottest Temperature this Month: 96° - June 6, 8, 9, 19
  • Coolest Temperature this Month: 62° - Thursday, June 11th
  • Highest Wind Gust this Month: 36mph - Sunday, June 28th

July is coming in hot and humid, but you would expect nothing less around here. The Climate Prediction Center has placed a 30% to 40% chance for above-average temperatures across the Brazos Valley by the end of the upcoming month.

Climate Prediction Center July Temperature Outlook
Climate Prediction Center July Temperature Outlook(KBTX)

By that same notion, rainfall is forecast to run about average over the next 31 days. That said, July is typically the DRIEST month on average for the calendar year.

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